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  • They shrink! They grow! They morph and they fly!”, The "Metric Family” uses their super powers to reveal the logic of the metric system. You may know that 1,000 meters equal one kilometer. But do you know why? This is a great teaching resource.
  • What will get rid of that pesky monster under the bed? Gazillions, bunches, oodles and tons of love from mom of course. But... how much is that? And is it enough? Can you see gazillions? Or hear oodles? And how about a tingly kiss and a tickly hug with every 'I LOVE YOU'. Watch fear disappear as love conquers the monster under the bed.
  • Learn the secrets of the ages about where dogs really come from.  Partnered with an adorable helium filled "My Own Pet Balloon", The Legend of Tails is the perfect gift book.  As seen on CNBC, quoted, "One of the best toys of 2012". Comes with one dog balloon of your choice. Pair it with our doggie backpack or finger puppets!
  • Join me if you dare! Help me put my monster together,  but NO PEEKING!   Use your imagination... not your eyes. A party activity for 2 or more participants.  Kit includes monster cd, book, body part bags, labels, directions and suggested body parts.
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