The Morphing Metric Family

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Donna Scott-Nusrala
Graphics Editor, Aaron Nusrala

They shrink! They grow! They morph and they fly!”, The “The Morphing Metric Family” uses their super powers to reveal the logic of the metric system. You may know that 1,000 meters equal one kilometer. But do you know why? This is a great teaching resource.

Optional Kit Contains the following:

  • *1 dekaliter bucket
  • *1 book
  • *Step by step instructions for activities to reinforce the units of meter, liter and gram
  • *Metric Family Banner
  • * Set of bookmarks.  (Not shown)
  • *10 mini cups
  • *10 medium cups
  • *10 large cups
  • *one ml dropper

Winner of:
The Paris Book Festival Runner Up
The Distinguished Mom’s Choice Award, Silver
Super Heroes teach the metric system in an unforgettable format. Grades 4 and up.

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  1. Reviews From The Classroom


    Charlie – Grade 4
    I like the book because it taught me the metrics. Before I read the book I had no idea what metrics were. The way she wrote the story was amazing. The rhyme and rhythm made me listen even more. I also loved how she had the idea of the family and the family crest.

    Mason- Grade 4
    I thought that the Metric Family helped me learn the metric system by breaking it down to the things that I already know by heart. I think if I read a different book about the metric system it would be a lot harder to understand. This book is based on simple,easy stuff.

    Ryan – Grade 4
    I love this book for kids because most kids only know a little bit of the metric system. It teaches kids base 10 with metric fun Your kid will fly through it in no time.

    Julia – Grade 4
    The reason I like this book is because I think the way she wrote it in rhyme helps me keep it in my head. It doesn’t just list facts. It actually has a story.

    Kathryn – Grade 4
    I love the book because it is catchy and easy to learn through rhyme. I like that it is fun and not all facts . Overall I think its a very clever children’s book.

    Liv -Grade 4
    Before I read this book I didn’t understand metrics and it was very confusing and discouraging. But now that I’ve read this book I totally understand metrics. I would suggest this book to any child who doesn’t understand metrics.

    Kevin Sweeney -4th Grade Teacher
    The Morphing Metric Family is a wonderful resource that can be used throughout an investigation of measurement. Through whimsical characters that help the reader understand equivalent measurements and brilliant illustrations, the reader is captivated and engaged in learning. Great for the classroom or as an “at-home” resource. This is a must have book.

    Tonya Strong-Charles
    Tonya is a proud parent and an award winning former television news anchor. She specialized in covering education and family matters.

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