Twinkle Toes, The Pajama Fairy

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“…If you were to travel just south of the North Pole and East a bit to the Land of Dreams, you may stumble upon a tiny farmhouse where smoke billows into the sky with a hint of peppermint…”  Together with her pocket sized calico, a fairy plants fluffy fibers in the snow.  With the help of her Dream Weaver, a roaring blizzard and the twinkle in her toes, she grows crystal stalks bursting with cozy pajamas. Join Sarah and Adam as Grandma tells the story of how Twinkle Toes puts kids to sleep so they can make their dreams grow. Twinkle Toes was inspired by a family tradition of receiving pajamas on Christmas Eve. Optional Polar Bear backpack is 11 inches tall and has one main pocket with 4 removable animals that are 7 inches tall. Finger puppet house come with 3 removable finger puppet characters.

Start a new holiday tradition with Twinkle Toes, The Pajama Fairy, the pajama fairy and new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Winner of:

  • The Distinguished Mom’s Choice Award, Silver
  • A New England Book Festival Honor
  • A Los Angeles Book Festival Honor
  • A San Francisco Book Festival Honor
  • A Paris Book Festival Honor

Review from The Amazing Kreskin

“Talk about a beautiful form of therapy. You have in Twinkle Toes, the story of a unique form of hypnosis resulting in the sleep-like preparation for the beautiful day of Christmas. It’s one of the most unusual fairy tales that I’ve ever read.”